It's OK

I met Katie, the creater of It's OK Apparel, (and my cute shirt...) on instagram...hehe.  We both have a love of thrifting, which is how we came into contact! She has been creating this business over the past few months and I was so excited to see her finally get in her first projects.  Let me just tell you. I was very pleased with my tee. Its soft, very comfortable, long, and an amazing quality.  It's OK Apparel has shirts for you as well as your hubby and littles! Go check out what she has HERE. Or do as I did and you can easily order on her instagram @mrspumpkineater.

My nephew Dane wanted in on the picture action... He was quite confused intrigued by what I was doing...

 This is his "Paul Blart" shirt.
 He LOVES the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop and wears his American flag "badge" proud.



  1. Ha. Great message. We all need a shirt like that. Actually, I need one. I'm a mom too, and I have to tell myself "It's OK" all day.

    You know how it goes.

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  2. such a cool printed tee!



  3. lol.. your nephew "confused .. intrigued..", My nephews are visiting right now and on Sunday while I was about to take pictures of myself my youngest says "what are you going to take pictures of", I said (very confidently) "myself", and he continued playing.


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