Thrift Addict

 Pants-Anthropologie    Shirt-H&M    Sweater-Thrifted (Moth for Anthropologie)   Sandals-Madewell   Bag-Thrifted 

I have a tiny piece of advice about thrifting. Know your brands! And if you don't....know how to use google. I found this lovely sweater vest last month at a thrift store. It's Moth for Anthropologie which retail anywhere from $60-$120. My price was $4...

I can't even tell you how often I get compliments on this lovely genuine leather bag... And I paid $2 for it. 

Now you can understand a tiny bit why I love thrifting...and why it gets so addicting. 



  1. I am so glad I found you via IG! I heart your style!! I've been wanting to lighten my ombre, and seeing yours totally makes me want to even more! Excited to follow!!

    ps: that leather purse is gorgeous!! great find!!




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