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It has been too long since I have done a "whats been going on in my life" post.... Pictures definitely tell it better than I do. So here is to catching up a bit.

 My baby sister (who refused to be pictured) and I went to a city wide garage sale a few weeks ago. It took us 2.5 hours to walk through the entire thing. It was a thrifters dream. We had a great time...

I am obsessed with Kettlecorn... and can I just tell you? I have bought 2 other black felt hats online and neither were exactly what I wanted.... Found this one for $4!! Best of all it was brand new! And it is EXACTLY what I've been wanting. Wooohoooo!
We cracked up about this vintage piggy grill... 

 This cute little boy had his 5th birthday. I got him some leather (amazing and of course thrifted) cowboy boots...He LOVES cowboy boots...
 My summer consists of being outside as much as I can during the day and watching lovely feel good movies at night... Pride and Prejudice gets watched weekly...

 Lots of trips to Jefferson Lake.. We love it.

 I had a few days off from work so I headed to Salt Lake to see my two besties...

 7 peaks, workouts, shopping, food, art fair...I don't care what we do....Just so glad for time with them.

 Ashley's work took her away from us...We missed her.

We have a special sort of relationship...hehehehe

 I can't go to Utah without eating at the Greek Souvlaki. If you haven't tried their Gyro plate...you need to.

 I think Anthropologie might be the death of me...I love their clothes.

 I so miss the Mango's in Brazil... I settled for this one...

 On my way home I stopped in Ogden for some lunch and found myself here! I was taken in imagining what this train station was like when it was bustling with people going here and there..

 Oh happy day... Found a giant Super Thrift store... Full of fun vintage clothes and trinkets. I was totally sucked in..

 I love seeing these two growing up and growing closer. They have so much fun together!


 This month has gone by so fast. I am looking forward to what July will bring to my life.


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  1. Oh what a fun summer you are having!! PS... if you ever find moccasin booties like you are wearing about 3/4 of the way down in your photos in your thrifing adventures I would KILL for some... just saying! The end. :)


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