Beyond Words

The other day for some reason instead of just typing in my blog website like I normally do... I googled it. You know how google pulls up "images"? Well I saw this image that was me...that I didn't put out in the web....Well, at least it looked familiar...I blinked a couple times...So of course after the blinking I didn't hesitate and clicked on the link! So happy I did...

 Last January I posted "Starting Now"  which included this picture:

  At the time I got postive feedback about my outfit but it wasn't until the Fall it really got attention. My bestie McCall text me one day a picture of this picture and she said, "this is you, isn't it? It's on my Pinterest page I was perusing."  Some angel visited my blog and pinned it. This photo was pinned thousands of times. More times than I can even count. It made it on another website (I am spacing which one) As a #1 choice of Fall Wardrobe Perfection. It was something I was completely extatic about and realized I sure needed to keep my seasonal color palate in check.  hehe

And here is the gorgeous illustration whose artist is Stephanie from Design by Streetlight.

Seriously? I mean seriously...how cool is that? You must go see her blog post about it HERE
Thank you Stephanie...I was extremely flattered beyond words. 



  1. Wow. That's so cool. It's always nice to get recognition from people you don't know. Way to go, you!
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  2. That's amazing! It must have been so much fun to find!! The outfit is perfect for a cozy autumn day. No wonder it's gone viral. Good for you. :) Have a great weekend!


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