Windy Season

 So Idaho has 4 seasons.... Winter, Winter, Windy, and Warmish. Right now we seem to be in the Windy season....
 Jeans-Thrifted (Gap)   Shirt-Anthropologie via DE    Jacket-Thrifted   Glasses-Huntington Beach    
Boots- Thrifted vicariously through a friend    Bag-Madewell   Watch-DKNY via Nordstrom Rack 

So these boots were purchased by a friend all the way over in Georgia. She sent a picture and said, "these look like something you'd like." and I said... "You're right, I love them!" I seriously do....

This lovely bag I sold a few of my vintage Coach bags that were sitting sadly in my closet to buy. And I couldn't be more happy with it. So simple and verstatile yet unique. I love the brown and black that will literally make it work for any color combo. P.S. I did buy it at a fraction of the original cost just FYI because as you know...I am a thrifty shopper no matter what the item is....
Lastly my shirt... I love the fun gold embellishment that adds a little zing to what would otherwise be a simple white tee.... 

This outfit is me to a "T".



  1. I like the bag. It's simple and lovely. A Coach too? I'm in love :O)

    Wow. Idaho has Seattle weather. I've only driven through, but would love to visit. It was fun driving through the northern part, with all the mountains.

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  2. Love that jacket! Adorable!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. I heard about your blog through my friend Megan, and you are seriously adorable! Love everything you wear!


  4. Duuude. I'm not sure what part of Idaho you live in but I seem to remember a melt-your-makeup-off season. ;)


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