Sunday Style // The Perfect Maxi Dress

 Maxi Dress- Old Navy   Crochet Top- Thrifted   Wedges- Thrifted (J Crew)   Purse- Thrifted (J Crew
Watch- Michael Kors

 I have some important information for all you tall girls out there...The perfect Maxi Dress!!! Did you know that Old Navy and Gap have a "tall" option online??? Well they do.... And for those that love their maxi's to hit the floor but your 5'10 frame makes it impossible...Well, this maxi covers my feet even when I wear wedges! It's a must have! 

Thought I would share a couple fun ones they have right now I'm loving:

Both have the Tall option!!! Super comfy and so flattering....

A little Sunday inspiration to leave with you:

Comes from Proverbs 23:7
"For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he..."

Our thoughts can define us! Keep your thoughts pure and clean, be as the Good Samaritan...Thinking about the first two men who surpassed the injured man...I imagine the first didn't have a thought in the world. He passed the man as if he wasn't there. The second one actually went and looked upon him and then left! Maybe he thought "what will people think?" or "ohhh he smells." But the good Samaritan's  first thought when he saw the man in need was compassion. He didn't think twice whether to help him! We should follow that example and think kindly of others and also of ourselves. Don't let bad thoughts be engrained in our brains.  We are all children and servants of our Heavenly Father!


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