Love You

Let me explain the reason behind the title of my post. As I was looking through these photos...I realized the hidden message on the wall behind me. And it made me smile. So I wanted to share so that you would notice it as well....and maybe smile...Smile knowing someone really does love you.... 

 Jacket-Thrifted (genuine leather)    Shirt-Anthro via DE    Jeans-H&M    Sandals-Melissa for F21    Glasses-San Diego beach shop     Hat-Thrifted (was brand new)   Bag-Madewell   Necklace-F21

So as you may or may not know...I have an instagram shop (@stylish_treasures) where I sell things from my closet as well as treasured finds (helps feed my thrift addiction....hehe) I had a lovely girl comment on a pair of cute J Crew shorts. Turns out she lives 30 minutes from me...So we decided to do a local exchange and while we were at it I offered to show her my favorite thrift spots!

 So here is to introducing Megan.

 Pants-H&M   Shirt-J Crew         Shoes-Sperry     Glasses-RayBan     Belt- Target      Bag-Madewell

We clicked instantly and I became extremely grateful for the social media we have....Blogs, instagram....It can be addicting but obviously it has its perks. I made a cute new friend! 

 Make sure you check out her cute blog over at Home with the Uricks.



  1. You're the best! Thank you for the fun day!

  2. such a cute outfit! so fun to make new friends xoxo


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