Thrifty Thursday: Spring is in the Air

 Jeans-H&M $10
Shirt-Second hand (Anthropologie) $17
Wedges-Thrifted (JCrew)  $2 (believe it)
Purse-Thrifted (genuine leather) $3
Glasses-AE $10 (cost per wear has to be .25 cents...these are my go to's)
Watch-DKNY via Nordstrom Rack $80 (Cost per wear for this has got to be about $10...I've had this almost 2 years and still wear it almost every day! Best purchase I ever made) 

Orange bicycles on my shirt...awesome!

Sunshine, sandals, happy Brandi...and tonight.... it's raining and is supposed to rain for the next week. Am I letting it get me down though? NEVER...I have 2 pair of cute rain boots that need to be worn...



  1. Love love love your blog! I am incredibly impressed by your thrifting skills! How do you find such great steals!? Any tips (as a poor college student I could use some less expensive finds!)??
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