Spring Layers

 Pants- Bullhead via DE   Shirt-Thrifted (F21)   Jacket-Thrifted (J Crew)   Scarf- H&M via ChicWish    Boots-Second hand via an instagram friend (I thrift vicariously through others as well)  
Sunglasses- Old Navy

 I thrifted this J Crew sweater a couple weeks ago for $3. It is seriously the perfect jacket I could have ever found! Super awesome condition, perfect color, perfect length, fits me great, and so comfy.The kind I want to wear every day that definitely has become one of my wardrobe staples.

 These boots that a friend thrifted for me are also a new favorite of mine... They fit me like a glove. Like they were made for me....

 My sunglasses are some that I found at Old Navy a couple years ago for $2. I had lost them forever!! They were probably gone for a good year....I recently found them and so glad I did because I love the shape and fit. 

Lastly...lets talk about this scarf. Oh how I love it....Warm, soft, and the perfect combination of colors to wear with any outfit. Had to take advantage of the cooler weather to fit this scarf in a few more times.

Despite my unhappy looking face...you must know, I am extremely happy. Must try to smile more in my pics haha...


  1. Those boots are awesome! Perfect outfit!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  2. That scarf!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!

    PS. Loving your style :)


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