C2C Challenge: Black+White

Black and white have got to be the most classy colors to wear! Put them together and you're set. I went with simple...I've been unispired lately by my wardrobe....so here is my best shot.

Jeans-Gap   Shirt-Thrifted   Moccasins-Thrifted (Minnetonka)   Scarf-second hand   

Oh man...bad hair day and tired eyes. Actually I really can't say that it's a bad hair day. Bad hair days are usually when you try to do your hair but it won't work. Today...I just didn't even do my hair. Tomorrow though...good hair day. Hopefully! haha.

So my mom is participating in the C2C Challenge today as well...I kinda forced her to She is so cute!

Here is to introducing her version of Black+White:



  1. So fun!! I love that you put your mom on here too! :) I saw you last night but didn't get to say hi, so I'm saying hi now!!


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