What I Do On a Sick Day

6:30AM: Woke up to my alarm, my head felt like a balloon, I couldn't breath out of my nose and I was feeling claustrophobic from the stuff in my throat. Needless to say, I couldn't breath. So...No work day for me!

10:30AM-Woke up groggily, took some sudafed and rubbed vicks on my chest. As much as I don't like taking medicine, WOW! About 15 minutes later my nose cleared...and I could breath so so much better. I got out of bed, drank a glass of water with a Vitamin C packet, and then headed back to my bed....

12:00PM- I got out of bed.
12:05PM-Got back in Bed.
1:00PM-Got out of bed again and decided to put some makeup on...Looked much better. Not so dead...haha

2:00PM-I decided to go through some clothes, filled a garbage bag full, and headed down to the consignment shop I frequent. I sell to buy I guess. Although  I am trying to sell to save....but that didn't happen today. Everything was half off or more. Some stuff was 75% off! And on the bright side, I didn't spend any money. So really, we can say that I traded. When I checked out the girl said, "Looks like you're getting out of here free today." Yeah, that makes me feel better.

 Vintage Section

 Found this Fred Perry Track Jacket in the $1 Basket! They retail for over $100. 

 I have been wanting this Ralph Lauren Blazer for months...It just hangs out on its little hanger. It's just too pricey for something second hand. Although it is in great condition...I still passed.

 I absolutely LOVE this infinity scarf. I about freaked out when I looked at the tag on it...Its Paula Bianco! Check it out HERE and you'll understand why....Find of my century. This little baby gem is my favorite find indefinitely.

 Bandolino Tisdale Boots...Real leather, less than $5. They retail for around $100. Thrift tip: Know your brands... and if you don't, use google. It makes thrifting more like treasure hunting and is the reason I am mostly ruined shopping anywhere else.

 What I wore... I always try to be super comfy when shopping (especially thrifting) with clothes that are easily to layer when I'm trying on jackets or easy to slip on and off to try things on...

Thrifted these LA Gear real leather, looked brand spanking new, tennies (not today) a while back....I have been saving them for the warmer weather but I decided to try them out today.  I had 2 random strangers come up to me saying they loved my shoes and "where did you get them?" Oh...you know, they're retro, could be one of a kind, don't know where you can find them....And did I mention they were $4? hehe..

4:30PM-Back home, back in my pajamas.

5:30PM-Finally decided to eat something. I had a small bowl of homemade chili.  Took some more sudafed.
8PM: Blogging...currently....



  1. The shoes! I've always adored saddle shoes, but in tennie form... oh man! You've got me google searching. I hope you feel better! Sinus stuff is miserable!

  2. Awww I'm sorry you were sick :( hope you're feeling better! I love that track jacket and black boots..great finds! And the outfit you wore is SO cute...those tennies are adorable! And $4?! What a great shopper you are!

    So glad I found your blog and happy to be following :). You have such great style, Brandi!



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