Thrifty Thursday

 Jeans- J Brand via EBay $25 (originally $218)
Shirt- Old Navy $5
Sweater- Thrifted $3 (retro)
Clogs-Thrifted $3 (leather and vintage)
Scarf- TJ Maxx $10
Hat-Gap $20
Purse-AE $17

Wow...There is a lot goin on in this outfit. I got a 70's hippy/boho vibe going on....and I like it. Take me back...
So since we're going back to the 70's, here's a quote from John Lennon:

"You don't need anybody to tell you who you are or what you are. You are what you are!"

Well said...



  1. What a fabulous outfit!! You look amazing! That hat/scarf combo is just perfection.

  2. i love the 70s vibe of this look! love that scarf, i had to come visit from instagram :)

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