Target and Pizza

Preston and I spent the afternoon together. 

Went to Target and got some pizza for an early dinner....

 Jeans-H&M  Shirt-Anthropologie via DE   Sweater-Thrifted   Moccasins- Secondhand (Minnetonka)

This sweater is a thrifted closet treasure of mine. I found it in the mens section of a little hole in the wall thrift store. The kind of thrift store most people don't care to go in.... I love this thrift store cuz although they don't have much, they have thrift store prices! They list all their women's shirts and sweaters anywhere from $1-2 and the mens are around the same. I have bought a few fun things from there that I have been so happy with. This sweater being the very top! 

If you follow me on instagram (@runstylerun) you will remember these Mexican blankets...

 I got them at that same store...$3 a piece. 

So I have had a handful of people contact me asking where I thrift, when the best time to go is, and secrets to finding the "treasured goods." I decided I would do a whole post dedicated to all of those things. So...If anyone has any questions, requests, specific things they'd like to know, etc. Please either email me or message me below! 



  1. You are so cute! I'm very much in love with your hair!

    And that sweater, such a great find.

    Followed back!


  2. you and your nephew have the cutest friendship! and I'm dying over that sweater

  3. I'm so mad at myself for not purchasing blankets like that in Mexico last time I was there. :( They were like $8 for a huge one! Oh man. That sweater is perfect, by the way. And you & your nephews relationship is cute. I love it. Excited to learn more about thrifting. I could definitely save some moo-lah.


  4. Um, your sweater is amazing! I can't believe you thrifted it!

  5. What an awesome sweater! I need to go thrifting with you! I'm excited to read your upcoming post on it.

  6. I just recently heard of Minnetonka boots and how they're supposed to be sooo warm. They are so cute, too!


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