Antique Shop: Great Junk!

So I always drive by this little antique shop but I had never been inside! I got off work early today so I decided to give it a try. I went in without my purse so I wasn't tempted to buy anything. I just wanted to look around. It's always fun searching for fun little treasures even just to see them. 

An older woman owns the store. She said she had had it for about 7 years here in Idaho and before she had a store in California. She was in her late 70's I would say. She told me everything was just things she had collected over the years. She said she especially loved treasures from the 50's era. I would have to agree.... I'm not gonna lie, some of it was junk, the store wasn't very clean, but she really had some neat stuff. Thats why most of the time as thrifters we say we "hunt" because you literally dig through the junk to find the treasures!

 I so badly want a Navaho blanket. I love these 2! Especially the bottom one. They were quite pricey. 



  1. That crocheted lamp shade is so cute, I kind of want to make my own! I'm a new visitor/follower and I love your blog... looking forward to reading more!
    Bri | SanBriego.com

  2. Thanks for following along! The lamp was fun huh!


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