Sweet Grandma

I was so grateful that this past fall I captured a few photos of my grandma going about a few of her daily activities. She passed away on Wednesday.

My cousin Shawn wrote a poem for Grandma. I was so grateful for the words:

 Today my heart is aching
for I have lost someone so dear.
Her kind and generous heart
her presences always near.
Grandma's gentle loving smile
warmed the many hearts that knew her.
We'll say goodbye for now
but only for a short while.
Many lessons she has taught me
mean more than I can explain.
Through all her times of hardship
I never once heard her complain.
So many hearts were broken
this day GOD called her home.
But grandpa's warm embrace was waiting
to guide her to his throne.

I miss her so much already but I know as Shawn said, that she is in the arms of my Grandpa and all those who loved her that passed before her. 

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  1. She's so beautiful. Lovely photos. I've lost my grandpa almost two years ago..soon the pain will go away and you will only smile when you think of her.


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