Stop....It's Hammer Time

I would take hanging out with this boy over anyone any day. He ran a couple errands with me today. We went to the consignment shop I love shopping at to pick up some money because I sell clothes there and he found these fun masks....

Across the street is an antique store so we decided to just pop in...

This white lamp would be a lovely addition to my decor. Seeing as I was a good girl and didn't even take in my wallet though...it stayed there.

This outfit actually isn't my favorite now that I'm seeing it in pictures. Isn't that how it is sometimes though?... It goes a lot different in your head. It's times like these when I just wish I had gone with my basic outfit that I want to wear everyday of a  white shirt, jeans, and lovely pair of boots.

Sweater-Thrifted (F21)   Button-down-H&M   
Pants-DE Outfitter (It's Hammer time or a Genie in a bottle baby)    Mocs-Thrifted (Minnetonka)  

You can't touch this....


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