Simple Sunday

 Dress-Romy    Sweater-Consignment ($1 bin!)    Boots-Consignment (Frye)   Scarf-H&M   Glasses-AE

 Adding a cardigan, scarf, and cute boots winterizes perfectly a summer dress. 
 So I made a goal to not blow dry my hair at all and wash it only one or wtwo times a week. I've done that religiously since Thanksgiving! I finally feel like it's looking healthier. These are 2nd day curls and I was very pleased with how it looked today! I only had to touch up a few curls. Using a 1" curling iron the day before pretty curly and then today I just brushed through the curls and then added a couple curls here and there and vuala! Love the wave in it!  For those who want to know how I go 4-6 days in between washes...I use very little product. I put in arbon oil right when I get out of the shower and then let it air dry. I don't use hair spray and use a little tiny bit of dry shampoo if the roots get at all oily looking. But thats really only like the last couple days before I will wash it. I try not to use it too early or it gets gross sooner. Seems weird I know...


I just have one tender moment to share on this simple Sunday.  Friday I worked all day and just felt like it was a long day. My family was all up at my parents house and after work and everything, I just felt like being alone. I guess you could say I was in a bad mood. Well I walked in the house just planning on going down to the basement! My oldest nephew Preston was right at the door to give me a huge hug, then here comes running around the corner Sam who is 2 and yells, "Brrrannn!" and he jumps into my arms and gives me a huge hug. We walked around that corner and the minute Dane saw me (he's 4) he said, "Hi Aunt Brandi!" and he walked right over to give me a hug (he doesn't do this too often unless I beg him to!) Tanner who is 2 gave me his shy little smile and wanted me to pick him up so I did and he set his head on my shoulder for a minute then gave me a big kiss. I went over and picked up Lydia whom I can Didi, she's 9 months, and I'm not even kidding you, she squoze my shoulders with her little hands and kicked her legs. My mom asked me how my day was, my Dad made me a delicious hamburger. After that I wanted to do nothing but spend time with each of them. My whole mood changed. I was so grateful for all of them. I really needed that little pick me up. Later I told my mom the peace they all gave me and she said, "the Lord's peace works in mysterious ways." I definitely feel that he worked through these little ones to show me that I was loved. I realized that if no one else in the world knew me or cared about me, it wouldn't matter. Because I at least matter to these 10 people that were in my parents house that evening. The way they each hugged me, the way their faces lit up when they saw me, I felt important in their eyes. 

Today I am grateful to know that Heavenly Father loves me and I am so grateful for his light in my life! Even if that light is disguised as little crazy kids running around, I'm grateful for it. 

Boa Semana!!


  1. Love the scarf and you're hair looks amazing!

    Emily Beth

  2. frye boots are my fav!!
    I actually found your blog via instagram and commented on your photo of your $10 target boots.

    I too am a runner, thrifter, and mama.

    I TRY To be stylish.. and I'm certain your blog is going to help me!

    stop by and say hey if you get the chance.

    1. I'm so glad for social media...to make new friends!


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