Thrifting with Ashley

 Sweater-Tommy Hilfiger   Button Down-Nordstrom   Jeans-    Boots-Borrowed   Purse-Coach Outlet   Watch-Trade Show   Bracelet-Gift   Necklace-Bohme

Ashley came into town. Not under good circumstances. Her grandmother passed away this week. I told her I bet our grandma's were up in heaven chatting about their lovely grandaughters. We spent the day together thrifting and may or may not have gotten frozen hot chocolate. It was so fun to spend time with her and catch up. 

 Shirt-F21   Vest-Thrifted   Jeans and hat-H&M   Boots-Ebay  Watch-DKNY via Nordstrom Rack  Glasses-AE

 The wall spoke to me and told me to dance, so I danced...

 Ashley's find today. $6 leather cowboy boots.... We were both saying how we are glad we don't have the same size feet so we aren't fighting over anything.

 We both LOVED this retro suitcase. It stayed at the store but isn't it so fun?

 My treasure finds. I spent around $30 is all.  
 Loved this JCrew part silk cardigan. 

 Ok so for the last few months since these glitter loafers arrived at Target, I have been wanting them!  But I didn't want to pay $23 for them. I'm cheap ok?  Every time I went in I would always go check to see if they were on sale. I almost gave in once but made myself wait. Well, the waiting finally paid off. These were a little under $6. 

Target does it again for me. Usually I never buy boots that are all man made. But these caught my eye.  I loved them, they're comfortable, have the perfect heel on them, and they were $10.

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  1. Gotta love thrift shopping! :)

  2. Way to have patience & will power to wait for your glitter loafers! Those are adorable! Next time I'm in Utah we are definitely going to need to go thrifting together:)! You had amazing finds!

    Christian | www.mysimplemodestchic.com


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