Phone Diaries

 TJ Maxx sale...still trying to decide how to style it...

 Target major sale, leopard flats for $7. Even though I would consider these spring/summer shoes, I have already worn them a handful of times. I endure the cold....or wear boots and haul them with me...haha

 It's a good thing Preston isn't dating age, because he would be snatched up in a minute. He is such a cutie!!

 He graciously filled my gas tank while I warmed my toes under the heater.

I have been cleaning my room and trying to organize my clothes and I came across this vest balled up in a basket high on a shelf. About a year ago my grandma asked if I'd like a few of her vests that she doesn't wear. This is one of them that I now considered a treasure.

 My cousin sent me this picture this past week. We had so much fun in grandma and grandpa Holbrook's backyard growing up. Sand box, swings, climbing the cherry tree, picking rasberries, strawberries, apples, and cherries, playing dress up, grandma helping us make a cardboard house out of old boxes, playing in the orange teepee, and of course the red teeter totter. I'm the blonde on the very back....

 Jen took me to lunch at Rumbi's. A little bit of warmth in this cold cold month..

 Yes...here in Idaho I have to stop for deer crossing. This is the second time in the past few weeks.

 I loved this star scarf from Target. My sister got I and herself one. Even better it was less than $5.

 As I have been cleaning out my closet,  I found these summer items. Here are a couple of thrifty tips: Don't overlook items that are out of season.  Eventually it will be summer again and when its summer it will be winter again.  Buy in the off season! I bought these real leather gap sandals after summer last year for $7. I found this fun straw hat around that time as well at a thrift store for $2 and just the beginning of this month I found these fun Mary Janes at Savers for $4.  I'm already seeing fall/winter going on major sale.  Just go for those basic items that never go out of style!! (instagram @runstylerun)

 I got my hair touched up a bit...Thanks Jen!

 Jen, Preston, and I went to see Life of Pi. It was a pretty good movie and mostly fun to go out with these two...After we got Orange Leaf frozen yogurt. 

 What I wore...Love grandma's vest...


Here are a few thrift finds from Saturday...I only planned on looking around dang it...I should know better.
 Timberland all leather ankle boots, still had the Nordstrom sale sticker of $79.95 on the bottom, I paid $8.
 Michael Korrs Peacoat, $6

 Blue Etienne Aigner tassle loafers $2 (loved the color!)  and oversized retro sweater $3.

"My shadow...the only one that walks beside me."



  1. hey girl i saw you on instagram the other day! you have amazing shots! sometimes i feel like insta makes my life more magical ;)


  2. Must get over to target immediately lol. You found some good buy.

  3. Love the vest!! Your hair is beautiful! New follower


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