Phone Diaries

Because of all that has been going on in my family, I have two weeks of phone diaries to catch up on. Yay for lots of pictures!

Week 1:

This is an old high school friend. We went to lunch and literally talked for 2 hours straight just catching up on each others lives. 
 Thrift find of my century. "I'm Batman."

Sam insisted I hold him the same time I was holding Didi. Gotta work on my squats for this one.

My nephew Preston and I went for a ride while we were in Utah and we drove by my old elementary school. The Majestic Monarchs! I went here for Kindergarden and first grade. For some reason I remember it being bigger....hehe

This is our old house just down the street from the elementary in West Jordan. It was darker brown when we lived there...I remember running along these sidewalks with my 6 year old feet and riding my bike up that drive way. I remember family dinners in that front room and the swimming pool we had right behind that fence. 

On the freeway we drove past this huge store called Sheels. We went to investigate and thus created two very happy boys....

 I got to meet up with a Brazilian I served with whos visiting the United States!! We went through a temple session in Salt Lake, did some shopping at City Creek (I dragged him around....just basking in the goodness of his wonderful native language)

We took him to our favorite restaurant called the Greek Souvlaki.....seriously, they have the best Gyros. And....he...had...spaghetti. Spaghetti at a Greek restaurant. haha.

It has been so cold lately. I have been living in these slippers...

Week 2:

McKenna and I had some sisterly time. She was so thrilled with my picture idea...as you can see, she didn't cooperate.

My other sister Jen got me some fun leapard print nail stickers...These things are the best!

Another trip to Utah...

My first time in Savers. If you're Savers lovers, don't continue reading. I was so excited when we walked in and I saw how huge it was! But I found I was more and more NOT impressed! I found them over priced for a thrift store. I guess I need to go back when they have their 50% off days.

Ok...so I am NOT a Ross fan. Every shirt that I have bought there the sides have been off or the stitching has come undone and I always find the stores are messy and picked over. We found a Ross that had some amazing finds! (mostly shoes cuz thats all I really like to look at)  My sister found these gorgeous Nine West all leather boots for $30. I was swooning for sure. They didn't have them in my size. sniff sniff...

You just have to look at the two little boys. They LOVE the elevator. Everywhere we went we had to take the Ellalator. I packed on some extra pounds from eating out so much and never taking the stairs. hehe.

Dinner at our other favorite restaurant, the Spaghetti Factory. For as far back as I can even remember we have come here. I could order for every single person at this table. Drink included. 

Got to see McCall. It was so fun to catch up with her. Miss her.

My sister Jennifer spotted this Consignment shop so we decided to check it out. I had never been in a consignment shop with such high end brands. Ready for a shocker? There were brands I have always known about or heard of but never seen in person! So I picked up a few things just to say that I did...haha, like a Prada bag and some Louis Vuitton Heels. I might have even bought something from this store...

These boys were troopers...Got through a shopping day with the girls. Dane got pretty grumpy and was sitting on top of the stroller. He started bobbing and weaving so I flipped his legs around and laid his head on my chest, in two seconds he was OUT!


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  1. I wish you would have told me how close you were! i work literally 10 minutes away from Scheels!


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