Downton Abbey

The other day I was at my Bishops house. His wife and Gina (from my church branch) were in the living room watching Downton Abbey.  I had honestly never heard of it...President Krupp said it was so good and explained it a little to me. Gina knows my love for Pride and Prejudice and other Jane Austin films so she was certain it was the show for me to watch. 

So the Krupp's lent me the first season...and I must say, it is all I have wanted to do...

So far I love Mr. Bates. I can't help but want to cry every time I see him because he is so sweet and just wants to be accepted and be able to work. Mary seems super stuck up but maybe its just that I'm jealous the good looking men want her. The maid (Anna I think it is) is so sweet, I really do like her. I think Mr. Crawley is nice. Mostly I just can't handle Sarah the ladies maid. She is always wanting to stir up trouble.
 It sure is hard not to wonder what it would be like to have all that help. Even to just button up your coat! I like that you get the view of the staff at the manor and the Crawley family themselves. I am only on episode three so far so I know that I have a lot to look forward to!! 


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