Thrifty Thursday: Color in Winter

So I spent the afternoon with my sister again today. We had the idea to drive to Pocatello which is 45 minutes away, to get a little out of town, have dinner and do a little shopping. Yeah, two days in a row...I know...  We both wanted to try to find some things for our nephews and nieces  and go somewhere new since we both had the afternoon off.... the drive there was honestly the funnest part! Singing to Christmas music and chatting...

I decided today that I needed to add a little color in my winter wardrobe.  I mean, for goodness sakes, it's dreary enough with it getting dark earlier and the cold weather! Too often I think we think of all these unwritten rules like no white jeans after labor day, fall/winter means stick to blacks, browns, and greys, and color is only for summer. Don't get me wrong, I do love the neutrals, but it is ok to wear some vibrant colors in the winter. So here's my simple but vibrant winter outfit.  I paired some summer floral flats with some fun bell bottom jeans and an oversized pink striped sweater. Just mix some summer pieces with the winter pieces and vualaaa...

So this was my first time ever at Goodwill. We didn't find much there which I wasn't complaining about because I've most definitely hit my monthly limit...

Anyone find any treasures lately thrifting?


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  1. How fun to having shopping days with your sis! I'm going to have a few of those soon over the holiday and can't wait!
    Your newest follower,


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