Tender Moments

I have had a lot of ups and downs this week. The time leading up to Christmas is the greatest. I have been trying to recognize tender moments this week and here are a few I was especially grateful for.

My nephew Preston and I spent a whole day together shopping. He wanted to go thrift shopping because I love it so much. We walked around outside without our coats on. We looked at everything and anything. He's 13 now and I can just recognize how much he is growing up every day. I cherish every moment with him as he gets older. He is a neat kid let me tell you. There are not many like him. 

We came outside just as this train was passing. It was a neat moment to hear and see. The sun was shining and in that moment I was so content with where I was and who I was with. If you follow me on instagram you're getting a double dose of this.. hehe. @blonde_brandi

Yesterday my brother asked me if I could watch their kids so they could finish some Christmas shopping. I can never turn down time with my nieces and nephews. As I was going over there, I passed by a little old lady and she was walking out to get her mail. I not only saw her friendly smile but she waved the biggest wave I have ever had anyone do to me! I didn't know her but she waved as if we did know each other.  I seriously smiled for the next five minutes. I was needing that. We heard this weekend that my sweet grandma is very ill and had to go to the hospital. She was in the ICU her first night. That lady who waved to me had no idea that what she did could affect someone so much. Wish I could go give her a big hug. It made me realize that maybe some may get annoyed by a smile or a wave, but maybe it will impact someone just as it did me.
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I continued driving with my cheesy grin and saw the missionaries from the LDS church walking by. It took me back to this time of year when I was serving a mission for the church just as they are. I was in Brazil, a long ways from home. It was hard to be away from family especially during the holiday season but it was also a special time. A time I will never forget.  I couldn't help but feel so grateful for these two missionaries service. They're bringing the light and joy of the Savior Jesus Christ to some family in need of that comfort and joy. Where better to be during this time of the year than to teach and serve Jesus Christ whom is the whole reason for our celebrating Christmas. 

I seriously look terrible in this picture but I couldn't not share it. I will cherish every moment I get little hugs from these two, when Sam calls out "Bran, come here." When Lydia smiles at me. I love it! I seriously LOVE it!

Oh how I am so grateful for an accessible camera. To snap a pic just at the perfect moment. Sam decided to put my boots on and melt me with his smile.

See what I mean about that smile??

I've decided I want to make Sunday's my "tender moments" day. I want to spend the week recognizing more special moments that otherwise I may overlook and on Sundays I will share my favorites. Who wants to join me?? 



  1. Awwww such a sweet post. You should do these more often. In Seattle, people are rather cold. It's rare to get strangers to say hi, but when they do, it brightens my day.

    Merry Christmas to you1

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  2. ahh, love that post! sometimes i have phases where i am just totally happy and friendly and i say hi to almost everybody even if i get some wierd faces...


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