Sweater Inspiration

Sweater inspiration....Ohhhh how I love big comfy sweaters....

 I realized today I have three of this same color, same type of sweater...
And I also realized I love each one individually and won't give them up.

I have been thinking all week I needed to update my blog. But then the thought crossed my mind "I wonder if anyone really cares that I haven't updated my blog or not." Does anyone really care? Does anyone notice when I've gone MIA? There are a billion and a half people out there, does my measly little blog make any difference to anyone?  I have been so busy with work and school.... finals are this week I haven't had time to think about anything else. But for those who do care, thanks for being there for me. I hope that I can make a little difference in your life. I know you do mine. Even with just a comment or email saying hello. It means a lot. 
 I will be excited to finish up with this semester to have a bit of free time to play with friends, enjoy this Christmas season, maybe read a book, and yes, even if no one really cares, keep my blog updated.

So here's to finals week...Taking the bull by the horns and I will not fall off if my life depends on it!

Now that I'm over that...Whats for dinner??



  1. I enjoy it. I'm no one special though. Can you take me shopping or at least pick things out for me. You look cute and I just can't do that.

  2. lol. i think people care, but it's good to update once in a while.

  3. Haha I definitely know how you feel. I have decided to only do what is good for me though, but I love blogging so I definitely try to at least post a few times a week. xo

  4. Oh finals week, don't miss that at all. And wanting those comfy sweaters right about now!!
    xo TJ


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