Sassy Saucy Sister

My sister McKenna and I have way too much fun together when it comes to thrifting. We could spend hours in one store and the most fun is just filling the cart to try stuff on only leaving the store with one or maybe two things. We have been ruined when it comes to shopping..."How much is that?" "$6? Why is it so much?" haha...when it comes to thrifting, the cheaper the better. We like to see $1-$3. But even $6 isn't expensive! Sheesh. But if you thought I was an avid thrifter...meet McKenna, the ULTIMATE professional, patient, and very successful thrifter. 
Faux Fur Coat- Thrifted   Leggings- Walmart   Leopard rain boots- TJMaxx (gift I picked out)   Purse- Thrifted  Earrings-Gift
What I absolutely love about this Faux Fur coat of hers is that its not just black but has a brown colar. It makes it so versatile!It is GORGEOUS and suits her so well. She found this perfect leather purse a few weeks ago for $3. Her leopard print boots add the perfect touch to make her outfit just the right amount of sassy saucy "oh hey...."

Happy 12-12-12! Even though people say this will never happen again, every day is a new day that will happen again, but hey, it is pretty cool 121212.
Finals week is halfway over. I am surviving just in case you were wondering...


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