Tender Moments this Week

Tender moments this week:

1. On our way to Salt Lake, my phone rang and it was my sister-in-law calling. I answered with a simple "hello" and I hear, "HI Bwwwwan!" It was my two year old nephew. Then I hear my sister-in-law in the background, "Sam, did you call someone?" Then she grabbed the phone. The greatest thing was that he couldn't have known what he was doing but he recognized my voice and it was the cutest thing ever.  We chatted for a bit and hung up. I discovered this when we had hung up...

2. Seeing the way my grandma caressed my dad's cheek as he smoothed her hair and kissed her forehead and they each said, "I love you."

 3. My grandma has taken care of everything in her path her whole life. The reason I say everything and not everyone is because she literally takes care of EVERYTHING. It was so special to see how loved she is by her family. Now its her turn to get some five star treatment that she has given her whole life.

4. Dad told grandma she was the most beautiful woman in the whole hospital and she said, "I'll take it."

 5. Grandma reaching for my hand just to hold it.

6. Dad humming "Oh Holy Night to Grandma and as he did, Grandma began to hum as well. 

6.  I walked by a man in the store and smiled. He stopped me and said, "You have such a beautiful smile, thanks for sharing it. You just make my day better." If only he knew that he made my day as well. 

7.  Sam singing along to the Spirit of God in the car.

8.  Tanner (my other 2 year old nephew) sitting on his Grandpa's lap quietly and totally content during sacrament meeting.

9. Sam wanting to be by "my Tanner".

10. Lydia snoring in church. For an hour and a half...

I could share so many more from this week. I seriously realize more and more how blessed I am.  I look forward to all the tender moments I will get to experience this week! Hope you all have a great last day of the year tomorrow.


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