Merry Christmas!

We had quite an eventful few days. My dad and I traveled to Salt Lake Sunday evening to be with my 86 year old grandmother. She was gravely ill in the ICU. We thought we were going to lose her but she has slowly been recovering. Dad and I were there until this Christmas morning, got to give her hugs and kisses and help her eat, and then we came home be with our family here.

We got home about noon and had our traditional chocolate chip cinnamon waffles. Don't tell Dad I told you, but here's him adding the secret ingredient. It's amazing!

 Um...maybe I was a little excited to open this big box...

My parents are the greatest... It was just Mom, Dad, and I opening each others gifts, enjoying the calm before the storm. Don't get me wrong though, I love the storm. I dance in the rain...

Correction...Mom, Dad, my sweet Kitty, and I... 

Here's where it gets really fun...

 Dane's evil eye. Somethings a brewing...Gotta keep two hands, two eyes, and even your toes on alert for this kid. 

We had cheesecake for dessert...

Lots of wresting with these guys.... They're all true "BOYS"

Grandpa got all the kids headlamps and they went exploring in the basement.. Sam kept saying, "We see in the dark."

These two had fun with Sue (Jen's mom) 

I can't get over their little toes.

 My mom's amazing Christmas village. She decorates her house so beautifully every year!

We are missing my youngest sister McKenna and my older brother Trent. We look forward to having our Christmas Eve "Ugly Sweater Party/Dinner"  on Saturday night since we missed Christmas Eve. Can't wait to have the whole family together. 

 I hope you all had a wonderful day and were able to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. That to me is family, warmth, love, and the light of our Savior Jesus Christ. I know I felt it today and I'm so grateful that light was also able to touch my Grandma Buckley. Thanks to those who offered prayers in her behalf. She is our Christmas miracle. 

Merry Christmas from the Buckley family!!

Feliz Natal!!


  1. Your Grandma and my Grandma are the same age. Grandmas are the best. Thanks for sharing these lovely, warm pictures.

  2. Wow you look like you had such a great time! And merry christmas to you by the way! I hope you got everything you wished for.

    These photos are so gorgeous. I love that joy ornament too. too cute!



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