Thrifty Thursday

 Here is the low down on my outfit:

Tee- Old Navy
Coat- H&M
Mocs- Minnatonka
Scarf-Old Navy
Purse- Coach

So if you're a regular follower, last week on Thrifty Thursday I had you guess "one" item that was thrifted in my outfit. This week I challenge you to guess the "one" item that is NOT thrifted. Thats right.....everything in my getup is second hand except one item.

Whoever guesses will get a shout out and your blog link added to this post  Ready? Go...
Make sure you check back!


You guessed it Ashley.
Ashley just happens to be my cousin. She is an amazing photographer. (And new mom of little Beckham.) Just go check out her photography blog HERE!

Yes.....the scarf is the only thing that IS NOT thrifted from my outfit. It shouldn't even really count though because I bought it last year at Old Navy when all the winter stuff was on sale and it was $5. 


  1. Whaaaaaat! You trickster! I am going to guess the mocs because I will be super jealous if those were a thrift find!!

  2. I think Rachael is right. But just to mix it up, I'm going scarf.

  3. Wild guess- the tee?! Don't say the bag. Don't say the bag... I would die if I found it thrifting.

    How do you always look so put together AND comfortable all the time? Happy weekend, dear. :)

  4. hahaha! That's awesome. I just know you really well... that's all. ;)


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