Thrifty Thursday

I love this song....

I have had a busy week. It feels nice to be able to just sit down for a minute and relax, listen to some good music, drink some hot tea, and wind down for the evening.

And...of course share some thrift finds from this past week.

While I looked through all the jewelry, I chatted with the saleswoman there and just commented to her how I couldn't believe that some people just get rid of some really awesome stuff! She agreed and said, "You wouldn't believe what people bring in here. We've had wedding rings with real diamonds, brand new Wii's, and even picture albums full of wedding pictures. (divorce maybe)" Then I asked her what they do with the wedding rings and she said, "We sell them! And they go for $30-$40." 
Oh how I would love to get my hands on one of those......
Now I'm going to be looking.....every time I go....


P.S. Go check out some of the new items at JunieBlake.  I am loving some of their new stuff for Fall!


  1. lol. I need to get rid of some stuff, but am always afraid to regret my decisions. Gorgeous finds. Love the necklace.
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  2. Wow! score! and I truly hope u get your hands a a beautiful diamond that would be so "woohoo"!!!! I love seeing your awesome thrift finds... keep up the great work :)


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