The Temple Run

I hope that all of you in my neck of the woods got to enjoy the beautiful weather we had today! It was 63 degrees! Considering it was just snowing a few days ago....So, McCall and I went on what we call "The Temple Run"(Have you guys ever played that game on your phone? It's pretty fun! Luckily we don't have goblins chasing after us on our temple run...hhehe)

2 miles flat
1 mile uphill
1 mile downhill
2 miles flat

6-miles total

After a nice and easy 2 miles, we then run up this long, gradual, looks like it should be easy but it's not, hill.

(There's little McCall.)
 At the top of the mile long hill is this beautiful temple.  Everytime I run this run, I can't  help but think how it can kind of relate to life.  We will have lots of steep hills that we will come across in our lives, that we may feel we can never reach the top of. But if we never give up and endure to the end, we will reach our goal of being with Heavenly Father again and to be with our families eternally. (which I would compare to the temple) It's the hard things we have to go through to get to the good things.   If we keep God in our lives, he will help us to overcome our trials (hills). If we can just keep going, he will help us and bless us. 

Gosh, it sure feels good when we hit that corner by the temple. McCall and I both struggled getting up it, but once we made it to the corner and could take a breather,  we both felt so good and made it all the way to the end of our run without stopping. That was the farthest McCall has ever run! I was so proud of her!!

So how is training for everyone?? Any good stories or things you love about your runs?



  1. So pretty! I wish I lived that close to a temple.



  2. Great analogy! I've def found myself applying the struggles and feats of a good run to different times in my life. It does feel so great to get to the top of the hill that seemed so far away, makes the rest of the course seem like a breeze!
    Found you through a side link on BridgetteNicole's blog. Excited to be following along and looking forward to your motivational fitness post and inspiring outfits!


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