Run for Life

Week 1 day 1:
Tonight I went running with my friend Ashley. My plan today was to run 3 miles (as seen on my running schedule) We headed to the the falls (hense the name Idaho Falls) Around the whole river its 2.5 miles. We didn't want to have to overlap so we ran to a park nearby. Doing that added around 2 more miles.  So we ran roughly 4.5 miles. The reason I say roughly is because my GPS on my phone somehow paused and so it didn't record all of my run so we had to kinda guess how far we went. I didn't mind....it was a gorgeous night... 65 degrees...It was a bit more windy than I would have liked but I can't complain. Here are a few pictures I snapped....

A restaurant I have never been to!

Because I'm pretty much starting out, I took my sweet time.
 My minutes per mile (MPM) was around ten minutes.
 I prefer to wear leggings while running when its cooler (of course shorts rule out everything  and I had been wishing that I wore some) The leggings I chose to wear tonight drove me crazy. they kept slipping down and so I'd have to stop to pull them up. I definitely need to put workout leggings on my shopping list. Any suggestions? My shoes were rubbing a bit as well. I haven't bought a new pair since I've been home so I know that mine are well past their mileage limit. Dang it... 
I know I need to work on my breathing because there were a couple times I had to stop so I wouldn't throw up. Anyone have advice for when this happens?

A few funny moments:
Playing hopscotch through duck poop.
Lady stopping me (mind you had my head phones in and a determined runners face) to ask me where the Shilo Inn was. For some reason I totally spaced it and said, "you know, I think its somewhere around here." Then went on my merry little way thinking, "Brandi, you dummy, you know where that is." So...I turned back around, went back to the lady, and kindly gave her directions. 
A dog decided to glare its teeth at me and then proceed to enter my bubble zone. I did a bit of jogging backwards during that time until the kind owner decided to finally grab the little stinker.
My attempts at capturing pictures.
Ashley's text (she ran ahead of me sadly to admit) "Are you ok?" I finished and proceeded to tell her all of my excuses adventurous experiences during my run.

Overall, I can't wait for the first week to be over. It's like the first week of a new job. It's just so much better when you are more comfortable and feel like you're doing well. Don't get me wrong though...I enjoyed my run tonight immensely!


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  1. You go girl! Running helped me lose 55 pounds of baby weight with my first child. I plan on running even more after this pregnancy. Keep up the good work.
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  2. Beautiful pictures dear! You go girl! I'm a big fan of running too. I try to stick to 4 times per week but sometimes I just have to do 3.




  3. oh i love autumn runs, when the sun isn't THIS hot anymore and the nature around you is soo beautiful!

  4. I felt connected to you right away - into fashion and a runner! I love feeling the unspoken bond with a runner!
    I just nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award - see details on moetalksalot.blogspot.com

  5. You are the cutest thing, and I love your photos. I'm new to running (and injured right now) but slowly making my way back. I'm a new follower! Follow me back?

    xo Emily

  6. Hi! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I'm your newest follower :)

    I love your pictures! My husband and I spent a few years living in Salt Lake City, UT and whenever I see pictures of anywhere near there I get totally envious. Can't wait to catch up on your blog!

  7. As imagens são lindas mas não sei nada de Inglês.kk

  8. These are really nice pictures. I really like them!


  9. thanks! I use adobe lightroom, and some actions I've saved that play with levels and fill light.

  10. That top picture makes me want to move to Idaho.


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