Halloweekend Workout

  My Instagram feed was full of people dressed up in all sorts of crazy costumes and going to fun parties this Halloweekend!

 This is McCall and I's weekend party...

 We worked out in the indoor track at BYU-Idaho...

*Ran 1 mile timed (5 laps around the track)

 * 50 lunges, 100 yards running backwards, 100 yards side to shuffle runs. Repeated 4X

*2 stair laps in the auditorium

After, we did abs. Thanks to pinterest:

photo credit

This ab workout is awesome! I am definitely feeling it today..
Our workout took roughly 45 minutes...

Yeah, so maybe this is not your idea of a party, but we had a great workout!

I have had a few questions about winter workouts, winter wear, and what to do during the cold weather, so some tips to come this week. Let me know if anyone has any requests, questions, comments, etc!  runstylerun@gmail.com

P.S. In case people don't know what WOD means "workout of the day" I will use this a lot for future reference.

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