Endurance Training

McCall and I went running tonight. We decided to do a shorter run because it was quite cold out.
41 degrees...
Cold hands, numb toes, eyes watering but honestly, I felt really good! We ran 2.13 miles at an 8:55 pace. My first mile I went 8:15 but then slowed down a bit during the next 1.13 miles.
Of course had to share a photo from our run...Despite the cold, it is still so beautiful out.

I feel my endurance getting better. McCall and I have been doing endurance training throughout the week that I know has helped. 

Here are 5 of my favorite endurance training exercises:
1. Running stairs: its brutal! We have been running 2 along with a distance run. We're working up to more!
2. 100 yard sprints: I have realized over time that holy cow, those muscles need to be build up again because every time I do sprints I feel the tightness and then get sore the next day from it.
3. Jump rope: Go for 2-5 minutes straight without stopping as jumping as fast as you can. Count your jumps if that helps. When you get good at this, try double jumps. 
4. Jumping jacks: Keep your arms mostly straight as you go up and back down, or try punching along with the jumps, it gives you a good arm workout!
5. Box Jumps: Be careful with these ones. You don't want to fall on your face. Practice with a shorter box starting out and as you get better you can get higher. I like to do a ladder with these. so do 15-12-10-8 or if thats too much go 10-8-6-4. Give a good minute to a minute and a half rest in between.

Always remember to watch your heart rate. You don't want to over do it!

Does anyone have some good endurance training exercises to share? If so, I always love new ideas!!

P.S. Got a new hat today. C/O McCall for my Birthday :) 

I'm obsessed. I have been wanting a floppy hat EXACTLY like this!

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  1. I love that hat! I have been looking for something similar but the only one I liked was from Anthropologie for like $75 which is not gonna happen. Do you know where that one's from? It's so cute!

    1. Gap 29.99 :) I know, I have been searching for one as well and was so happy to find this one!

  2. Thanks for the ideas! I'm training for my 3rd half marathon!

  3. Brandi-- I recently started running again (I can't believe how out-of-shape I am) and now it's snowing! Any tips to keep the motivation up or inside replacement exercises? I can go walking in the mall. Should I buy a workout video? I don't have a treadmill. Should I buy warm running gear? What do you do? Are you a member of a gym?

    Love your blog! Love all your thrifted outfits. So cute! Wish I had the motivation to run stairs again.

    1. Good idea for a post. I will give some "winter workout tips" asap and let you know!!

    2. Thanks Brandi! I guess if we never see each other in the real world at least we can "see" each other in the virtual one. =)

      I did get up and run this morning. Sheesh it was cold. But it wasn't too bad by the end. I was stripping off my gloves and even my stocking cap. Any tips on the kinds of material/brands to wear in the cold?

  4. I love that hat! I tried one on at forever21 just like that and didn't buy it. I've been so mad at myself ever since!


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