The Lucky One: "Beth"

Shirt- TJ Maxx   Cut-off's-  Hudson via Downeast   Boots-  Hunter 
It was cloudy and rainy all day today. The perfect kind of weather to relax at home and watch a flic. I picked up The Lucky One. If you haven't seen it, you should. It's a good one!!   I might just have a BIG crush on Zac Efron and...I can't help but love the laid back style of the character "Beth" in the movie. Cut off jeans, flowy shirts, rain boots, simple dresses. She looks casual, simple, but I am obsessed with everything she wears! If you see me bring it up in the future...don't be surprised. So...She was the inspiration behind my outfit today. That and the rain. So thank you rain, and thank you "Beth".



  1. Such a cute outfit! Seriously love plaid right now. You made the look with the rain boots as well. I am your newest follower. Love your blog. Wanna swap buttons too? I'll put yours on mine and you do the same on yours? Let me know!

  2. WOW Brandi, one up to Beth, I like your Wellingtons they look adorable worn on bare legs with shorts.


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