Magical Powers

Jeans- True Religion via DownEast    Top- C/O Sugarlips   Flats- BCBG via TJ Maxx  Necklace-Gift from McCall 4 years ago :)    Sunglasses- H&M
I just got this top this past week from Sugarlips. I love their selection and they've got some cute things coming out for Fall!! I also absolutely love Scos Regal Blouse. Go check it out!!

Ok...so please don't look closely, but I went to the dentist today and my face was still numb. So hence the no smiles, half smiles, and hidden face. Oh the dentist...you know, I don't quite mind it. They give you nice little headphones and a television to watch (I turned it on That 70's Show) so you can try to tune out the drilling and pulling...It helped. Also the dentist is always friendly and his helpers are gentle and nice...Plus at the end I got a treat for being a good girl. 

It may just possess magical powers!!
I tried it on my dog...

It got him to sit!!!  Forrrr.....about a minute and then he jumped on me because he wanted it. Also tried it on my homework but it's still not done. Oh well...I would say it's still pretty cool. I am brave and only tensed up a few times...So I'd say I deserved the non magical but can pretend its magical wand.



  1. Ugh. Dentist.

    You look very cute though!

  2. Cute doggy :) I love the back of your tee too! So pretty, yet casual.


    1. Thanks jessi!! Did you receive your Juniblake giftcard?? If so, did u order anything??

  3. Hey! That necklace is from Mccall's reception hah I have one too!

    Cute top-- wheres it from?

    1. It's from Sugarlips. Go check it out!! http://www.sugarlips.com/rococo-sand-top.html

  4. oh my goodness!!! You are stunning!! I love love your blog and style! Now following and cannot wait to read more!!!



  5. I like your outfit!Especially the blouse and the necklace! :)


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