Lipstick Controversy

I have always been the type that is willing to spend a little more money on something if I know it's better than buying something cheaper that won't last as long.  Like I am always going to the MAC store when I go to Salt Lake because I like their makeup. It is a little more pricey but I feel its worth it because I always love it. But...is it really better?  Honestly, I know that a purse from Coach is better quality than a purse from Walmart. You're getting your money's worth. But is buying lipstick from Mac better than buying the NYC or Wet and Wild?
So let me explain why I am doing all this rambling. There is a lady that comes in for therapy at my work who is always wearing lipstick. She comes in often and I feel bad because I'm always lusting after her lip color....hahah. (that may have been a slight over exaggeration)  One day she had on the perfect raspberry color that I have been wanting. It was so so pretty and guess what she told me the brand was....Wet and Wild. So...I went to Walmart today and decided to experiment. 

They didn't have the Wet and Wild brand at the Walmart I went to so I decided to pick a few of the brand NYC. These four colors cost me $7 TOTAL. Honestly, no matter what lipstick I have bought in the past....I always return to MAC.  I love how it looks, I love how it lasts, and I've found it's been worth every penny I've spent on it. I'm not gonna lie though...If I can find lipstick that costs $1-$2 and its awesome, I wouldn't complain.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!! Also any advice, brands you've liked, good colors for fall....let me know!! 



  1. It's totally understandable to stick to quality brands. MAC is great. I like it too. I have always liked MAC foundations.
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  2. I love Wet and Wild! It's easy on my wallet (I don't have much spending money because I am just 17) and works well! :)

  3. Does Mac lipstick moisturize well? I'm actually going to buy two of Clinique's lipstick to try. My lips get dry and most lipsticks that I've tried, usually does not moisturize well. So I've love to hear about Mac lipsticks!

  4. Found your adorable blog through MFB! I love MAC lipstick too! Always the best colors! Newest follower! Follow back @ http://www.ktandcamsmith.blogspot.com/


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