For All Eternity

I said that I would share some wedding photos from Jenelle and Jeff's wedding! There are quite a few, haha.....hey, it was hard enough to decide which ones to share!

First we had the brunch at Lindsey Gardens.

Jenelle and her sister sang a song to Jeff in Portuguese. I absolutely loved the words.
Como e grande meu amor por voce.

Yes, I spoke a few words...

They were married in the Beautiful Salt Lake Temple..

I love this picture because it is their personalities in a nutshell...

 Then we went to the reception at the most gorgeous barn...

The reception was gorgeous. Tons of little DIY cuteness and vintage goodness.

And of course ended the evening with dancing.

Jenelle and I met in Brazil and I couldn't be more blessed to know her and have her in my life.  She will forever be one of my greatest and closest friends. We share so many wonderful memories together and I was so glad to spend this most special day of hers with her and her new hubs Jeff. Congrats to them both!!


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  1. Just found your blog! Love all of these gorgeous wedding photos! Great blog!


  2. Hey cutie!! I just found your blog!!
    Come to a blog party in Provo next week!
    Read my blog to find out :)
    hope all is well.
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  3. The bride looks so beautiful and I love all the bridesmaid's dresses!


    swaney e


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