Back to School

Jeans-  H&M    Shirt- Forever21 (borrowed)   Loafers- Thrifted   Watch- Michael Korrs  Bracelet- Thrifted

Here I am....Back in Rexburg. Back to school. Back to the grind. I'm just hoping that I can keep up this semester!  And yes, that is McDonald's behind me. McCall and I met up briefly after my evening class. After I ate my 95 cent hamburger and McCall had her chicken nuggets...we discussed how we need to eat better and workout more. I mean it, I really mean it.



  1. love the top! Rexburg is the greatest, isn't it? Good luck on the semester! Heaven knows we all need it!

  2. oh man. i like this outfit and i cannot believe you thrifted those loafers, they are so perfect.



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