Summer fun

Shirt-Gap Jeans-H&M boat shoes-Sperry via Nordstrom Watch-DKNY via Nordstrom Rack
Today was a much needed break for me. I got up early to get all my studying done and took a test and then I got to have a normal summer day! Oh how I love this time of year!! My little sis and I went swimming at a local lake and enjoyed the 92 degree weather, you know laying out, McKenna dunking me in the cold water, Wendy's frosty's, the normal summer fun stuff. Then tonight Kenna, my friend Kylee, and I went to dinner at Red Robin and then Kylee and I headed out to watch some fireworks.... Watching fireworks is a time when (as much as I LOVE my friends) I wish I had a boy to snuggle with....Oh well, as I say every year, "maybe next year."  I really am so happy though with how my life is going and grateful for the people in my life.

 A few fun pics from today..


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  1. What a lovely day you had. I miss 90+ degrees in the summer. We don't get those in Seattle until August.

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